About Me

Hi! I'm Tina.

Let's see. What should you know about working with me? Let's get the technical stuff out of the way first...

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Promotion/Wellness and a Masters Degree in Public Health. I’m also certified as a Wellness and Health Coach and hold a certificate in Functional Nutrition Coaching.

I’ve spent the bulk of my 25-year career working in healthcare settings teaching and coaching others to achieve better well-being.

But what you really want to know is how I can help you…

Despite working in the wellness industry, I became exhausted. I became sick in my body and mind. My spirit was broken by a series of personal and global events. I was mustering through my day just trying to do what needed to be done. I felt like a zombie.

Throughout my coaching career, I have met hundreds of women (and some pooped out dads) who felt like a zombie too. It's this personal and professional experience that has placed deep in me the desire to reinvent life. I firmly believe that we do not need to go through life feeling like we're merely existing. Everyone deserves to wake up every morning full of purpose AND the energy to fulfill that purpose!

From my personal and professional experience, I have a kit overflowing with tools that have helped me and many others increase their energy and live a vibrant life. It is my passion and purpose to create a world full of passionate, energetic people.

Zombie-Moms by Tina Smith, Ark Wellness LLC